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Dashboard Covers / Dashmats

Choose the type of dashboard cover you would like and then put in your year, make and model to get the perfect fit for your car.  Dash mats also come in several colors and designs.  You can even personalize your dash cover with embroidery.  Don't forget to check out the "New" designer dash covers for patterns like Hawaiian, zebra, camo, & more!

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Car dashboards are at higher risk for damage from excessive sunlight and UV rays. Being protected simply by the car windshield leaves this area of the car interior vulnerable to damage from sunlight including worn fabric and plastic molds, warped dashboards and damaging sun glare. Whether you own a car, truck, van or RV protecting the dashboard from excessive sunlight can be easily done with a high quality dash cover.

With our wide selection of custom fit and universal dashboard covers you can protect your dash from damaging sunlight, reduce sun glare and form a protective layer that will preserve the original dash fabric or plastic molding. Though dash covers are mostly for aesthetic purposes the dashboard is the most visible part of the car interior to a driver or passenger and having a worn or faded dashboard gives the appearance of a car that is not taken care of.

Also, when a dashboard is worn the material itself can start to warp and in turn effect radios, gauges and odometers. Dashboards can also suffer from spilled drinks, dirty hands and scratches. With high quality dash covers you not only protect the dashboard from fading and tearing while also giving your car a clean and polished look.

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