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Hitch Covers

Looking for the right hitch cover for your rig?  We have 100's of designs including sports teams for NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB and more!  We also have you covered for different automotive brands and armed forces trailer hitch covers.

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Most of our Hitch Covers Fit 2" and 1 1/4" if there is no option on the hitch it will be a 2" Cover.

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Pick Your Team and go! Fully licensed Hitch Covers for your car or truck!
Great Designs! Fully licensed auto brand logo Hitch Covers for your car or truck!  
Check out our fully licensed auto brand logo Hitch Covers for your car or truck!  
Stand Proud!  
Great Designs!
Light It Up!  
For The Ladies Out There!  
Fish On!  
Thank You!  
Fun Phrases!  
Raise Your Flag!  
Create a Hitchcap!  
Unique Designs!  
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Trailer hitches are usually made from high grade steel or aluminum but this does not mean it can be left exposed to foul weather and common outdoor hazards and still be expected to perform. Heavy rain, snow, ice and intense UV sunlight can all combine to slowly erode the metal of a trailer hitch and in time make it a liability. We offer an amazing selection of high quality and decorative trailer hitch covers to protect your trailer hitch so it will be up to the hauling task when you need it. From USA flags and popular sports teams to car and truck manufacturer logos we offer a terrific selection of hitch covers to match your vehicle and personal style. In addition to adding an ornamental accessory to your vehicle well designed hitch covers will also protect the hitch from the elements and ensure the metal is sturdy and strong year round.
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