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Trucks are rugged and tough but even the best made trucks will need protection from natural hazards. No matter where you live Mother Nature has a way of unloading serious weather conditions that can harm a truckís exterior and in some cases the engine under the hood. From excessive UV light and tree sap to snow, high winds and debris there are plenty of unwelcome surprises out there that can cause permanent damage to a truck.

Even small pick-up trucks are often the work vehicle for carpenters, plumbers and other skilled laborers and without it their business suffers. Trucks need to be kept in prime shape so you can count on it when you need it most. Donít let sneaky tree sap or excessive rainfall cause damage to your work vehicle. We offer a wide selection of high quality, durable and strong truck covers including cab covers, tailgate nets and trailer hitch covers to keep your truck and its payload safe from harm.

From ready-fit universal covers to custom truck covers we offer a terrific selection of top-of-the-line covers to offer solid protection from sunlight, rain, snow, debris and heavy winds. People ask a lot from their trucks but often forget that weather and other natural hazards are constantly taking a toll on the trucks exterior. Over time excessive UV light can wear down paint and cause metal corrosion, tree sap can find its way into the engine and cause grime build up and heavy winds can kick up dust and debris that can harm the exterior and in some cases crack the windshield and windows. With a high quality protective cover your truck will be safe from many outdoor hazards and will keep the vehicle looking and running great.

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